Choosing your reconditioned AGA Cooker​​

The AGA Cooker remains at the heart of many a home, it's versatility and performance is recognised and fully appreciated everywhere.

When 'decision time' finally arrives you should consider your fuel options, size of oven and your colour selection. Should you require any advice or assistance on any of ​these specifications the team at Country Cast Cookers is here to help.​​

Country Cast Cookers offer a choice of the following AGA Cookers:​​​

  • AGA Cooker Two Oven Gas (Natural Gas or LPG) power flue/balance flue & conventional flue.

  • AGA Cooker Conventional & power flue gas versions can be supplied with AGA Cooker Intelligent Management System. (AIMS) if required.
  • AGA Cooker Two Oven Oil.

  • AGA Cooker Two Oven thirteen amp (room vented or external) with or without AIMS.

  • AGA Cooker Three Oven Gas (Natural Gas or LPG) power flue and conventional flue, with or without AIMS.

  • AGA Cooker Three Oven thirteen amp, with or without AIMS, room vented or external.

  • AGA Cooker Four Oven Oil.

  • AGA Cooker Four Oven Gas (Natural Gas or LPG) power flue / conventional flue or balance flue ​Conventional / power flue can be supplied with AIMS.
​​All of the four AGA Cooker oven models can be supplied with either a warming plate, a two oven ring, electric hob option or two ring gas hob option
2 oven
Width 987mm, Height 851mm, Depth 679mm

3 oven 
Width 987mm, Height 851mm, Depth 679mm​

4 oven
Width 1487mm, Height 851mm, Depth 679mm

6 oven 
Width 2100mm, Height 851mm, Depth 679mm
Country Cast Cookers offer a wide range of colour choices.
​​Your choice – a greener choice

You can rest assured that when you purchase a reconditioned AGA Cooker from Country Cast Cookers you are making a wise choice and a ‘greener choice’. By recycling the existing cast iron components your choice of a reconditioned AGA Cooker is a green choice and one which will reduce the carbon footprint.